Privacy Policy

Confidentiality is imperative to the success of an employee assistance/peer assistance program.

The ACCESS Programs maintain strict confidentiality.* When an officer or family member contacts the EAP for services their participation in the Program receives the highest level of confidentiality.

Employers or labor representatives are not notified of an individual’s participation in the Program unless the officer feels it is in their best interest and they have signed a “consent to release information” to that specific individual. Then, and only then, will their participation be acknowledged.

Remember – Your EAP is administered and staffed by “outside professionals” independent of your department/agency. Your written consent is required before any information regarding your participation in the EAP is released to anyone.

*Should it be determined that an individual participating in the employee assistance program is a threat to themselves or others, responsible action shall be taken and appropriate notification shall be made to protect the safety of the employee or other individuals.