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Your company has contracted with ACCESS EAP to provide you with high-quality, confidential services to support you and your family.  Both you and your eligible family members are offered a number of free sessions to help resolve your concern.  Many times, you may be able to get the help you need within these free sessions.  If the problem requires ongoing services, we will work with you to have these services covered under your health plan benefits. Contact us today, we are here to help.

Benefits for Employees

Assessment and in person short term problem resolution services for a wide range of issues including marital and family concerns, mental health issues, nutrition and wellness, stress, substance abuse, eldercare, childcare, legal and financial difficulties.

24/7, 365 Days access to a licensed ACCESS care manager. Callers speak directly to an account manager; no answering machines or automated systems are ever used.

Clients are offered in-person assessments and short-term counseling offered by licensed, clinical professionals at a location convenient to either their work or home, and at a time to fit their schedule.

Employee orientations are offered to encourage utilization.

Free monthly employee newsletters with relevant and unique topics such as “Coping with Holiday Stress”, “Is Your Child A Victim of Bullying?” and “Real Men Get Depressed”.


What Happens When an Employee Calls the EAP?

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All calls from the hotline come directly to our care manager. The care manager takes as much time as needed to determine the nature of the caller’s problem and to assess how we might be of assistance. For example, a client might be coping with a difficult divorce and need not only mental health support and counseling, but also a legal and financial referral. In addition, in all instances, our care managers offer assistance to other family members who may be in need of services.

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After a needs assessment, the ACCESS care manager then arranges for a face-to-face assessment at a location and time convenient to the client. In some instances, an in-person meeting is not necessary, however, it will always be offered as an option to the client. Approximately half of the issues brought to the EAP can be effectively resolved within several meetings without a referral for additional services. In the event long term service or specialized treatment is needed, the ACCESS care manager works to locate the most appropriate treatment provider based on the client’s schedule, location, medical insurance and financial situation. To guarantee full client satisfaction, the ACCESS care manager follows each case until resolution.


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