Seminars and Workshops
The following seminars are created specifically to help our clients, employers and employees, to manage, define, understand, and resolve problems.

Take Ten - Ten Steps to Stress Management
This 2-hour training is for and about the employee. It is an opportunity to gain insight into people problems at the worksite and tips on handling difficult situations. We will take time to review what we already know about stress and the effects to examine not only the physical but also the psychological effects of stress. Each participant will be given an opportunity to look at sources of stress, the effects and related behaviors in his/her life.

Workplace Violence
Workplace violence is defined as "any physical assault, threatening behavior or verbal abuse occurring in the work setting." Designed for supervisors, this 3-hour seminar provides an understanding of the extent of the problem and discusses prevention strategies for the 21st century organizationcauses, employee behavior, the 5 stages of crisis behavior and conflict resolution.

Professional Courtesy and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
This seminar designed to address and define "sexual harassment," encourages participant discussion and includes a segment on Assertive Communication/Behavior. Numerous legal precedents establishing the parameters of sexual harassment and the liabilities of the individual and the employer will be presented. The 3-hour program was developed with built-in flexibility to accommodate both supervision and line staff.

Safety and Security in the Financial Industry
This is a 3-hour seminar designed specifically for banks and other financial institutions. An overview of violence in America today serves as an introduction to the focus of the training - safety and security of the physical plant, the employees and the customers. Planning and prevention strategies relating to the employer, the supervisor and the employee will be identified. A discussion of customer relations techniques will assist participants in providing increased security. Crisis behavior identification and conflict resolution are also included to empower employees when handling stressful situations.

Reasonable Suspicion Training*
Meeting regulations issued by the Dept. of Transportation which have a singular objective; to prevent accidents, injury and death caused by drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. During this 2-hour presentation, supervisors are taught the physical, behavioral, speech and performance indicators of substance abuse and the importance of documentation, confrontation and testing requirements.

*If you require any of your employees to operate a commercial vehicle or operate a van that transports 16+ occupants you must comply with the DOT regulation requiring that Reasonable Suspicion Training be conducted for all supervisors involved with the employee(s).

Prevention in the Workplace - Creating a Drug-Free Workplace Program
This is an hour-long overview of how to make the supervisor's job easier by addressing alcohol and other drug use among employees. This seminar includes discussion regarding the importance of understanding (or creating) a drug-free workplace policy, clear descriptions of supervisory roles in a drug-free workplace program and the steps you can take to make sure the program is successful.

An extended, 2-hour session is available providing helpful tips and facts about alcohol and drugs that will help the supervisor understand the warning signs, symptoms and effects of substance abuse. Emphasis is placed on the importance of suspicions being based on specific, observable behaviours..

Drugs and Alcohol Education Seminars
Designed for employee groups, the following topics can be presented individually, as a series or in one and two hour sessions. Education will include facts about current trends, acute effects and chronic effects.

    "The Different Classifications of Drugs"
    Club Drugs
    "The Drug Culture; What is New?"
    Prescription Drug Abuse