Law Enforcement Services Division
To ensure an effective Peer Assistance Program, ACCESS provides confidential, comprehensive services for police officers and family members.

Hotline - ACCESS provides participants with a nation-wide 24 hour Toll-Free Hotline to encourage confidential self-referrals.

Assessments, Evaluations, Referral and Follow-up - A calling officer/family member is referred to the most appropriate professional evaluator and, if indicated, a referral is initiated to a certified treatment provider within the ACCESS Provider Network. A credentialed network of professionals, having experience with clients from the law enforcement community, are available to determine the most appropriate treatment or service based upon individual need. Scheduled follow-up is conducted with each individual for one year following admission into the program.

Treatment - The program offers a full range of services to participants, including:

    Marital and Family
    Stress Management
    Counseling Services
    Critical Incident Stress Debriefings
    Chemical Dependency Services
    Psychotherapy and Testing
    Psychological Evaluation
    Financial Counseling Services

Training and Education - Prevention is an important element of the Program. The Program believes that training and education will assist officers and family members in recognizing symptoms of stress, providing them with the tools necessary to cope with stress and to utilize the Program as appropriate. The ACCESS Police Peer Assistance Program offers:

    Supervisory/Union Program Training - Supervisors and union representatives will learn the causes of stress, methods of dealing with stress, and the impact upon families.

    Peer Support Officer Training - Selected Peer Support Officers learn the skills necessary to assist other officers and families.

    Officer Program Orientation - All officers will be oriented to the goals of the Program, services available, and how to confidentially access the Program.

    Family Support Program - ACCESS offers a program for family members to introduce them to the goals and objectives of the Program, the services available and how to confidentially access the Program.